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For the fun of it

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The long-awaited Secutor Rapax XXI

The latest DMR in the Rapax lineup. The M6 & M7 models are the latest design with great features and are the go-to DMR for those not wanting to spend a fortune. This DMR is ready to go out of the box with great features and styling. The same great Rapax with a fresh new look and new P-Mag style magazines!

Well renowned for being able to take down snipers out of the box!

Congratulations to Matthew Grey, from Aberdeenshire who won the BFG prize draw competition for May.

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Our Vision New Tech Airsoft

We are here to fulfil all your needs as the airsofting enthusiast you are. Whilst giving you all the usual gear you need on a regular basis we aim to give you all the latest products from suppliers who are set to take the industry by storm. The people who are innovators in airsoft, people who play see the need design and create to help us all in this vibrant community. you may not have heard of them yet or they have a following on face book and instagram. We aim to bring them all here.


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