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LS M9A Gas Blowback Pistol (Dual Tone – GGB-0302)


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A realistic shooting experience can be achieved with this Airsoft Pistol powered by gas. In addition to firing your next shot, the Gas will also recoil the slide to load the magazine for your next shot once the magazine is installed, the slide cycled, and the trigger pulled. This makes for a very realistic shooting experience which is ideal for those trying to get to grips with Gas Guns in the comfort of their own home. The Pistol is a replica of the well-known M9 Platform 9mm Handgun, and features an Ergonomic Pistol Grip to enhance the look and feel of it.


Green Gas is used to load the magazine, which is filled using the Inlet Valve on the bottom of the magazine. It is then loaded with BBs using either a Speedloader, or by hand feeding them into the top or bottom of the Magazine. Once the Mag is installed into the Gun, simply pull the slide back and let it fall forward again to start shooting. You can detach the Trigger by using the thumb safety on the rear of the slide so the gun cannot be fired.


With this Gas Pistol, beginners can explore the world of Gas Guns in a very simple manner. It will require light lubrication/maintenance throughout its life span, most of which is achieved by removing the top slide. To do this, simply remove the Magazine, press the button on the offside of the frame, turn the Slide Release Lever and let the slide travel forward and off the frame. You can then access the Nozzle and other important components of the Pistol for maintenance.


Included in the box is a 24rnd Gas Magazine and a basic Instruction Manual with exploded diagrams. The SRC LS LS9A Gas Blowback Pistol is a great choice if you’re thinking about learning how to shoot with gas pistols and want a realistic shooting experience at an affordable price.

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