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Snow Wolf M3A1 Grease SMG (Grey/Green – SW-06-02)

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WW2 US Sub Machine Gun, this short SMG was was chambered in 45APC the same that the Thompson and was designed to replace it. The faithful replica will delight any enthusiast. The replica produces around 330FPS and a range that will surprise from such a small gun.

The submachine gun is constructed almost entirely from Alloy, with the only polymer parts being the gearbox internal parts such as the piston. The replica also features all the weld and join marks you would expect from the real world weapon adding to the level of realism. The stock can also be slid in and out, and locks into place securely ready to fire.

This grease gun is not your average Airsoft replica, it also features an electronic blowback system which uses the movement from the gearbox to move the mock bolt plate back and forward making a loud clang sound and with slight recoil to make the weapon feel more realistic when it is used. The battery is stored in the grip of the replica, and is accessed by first removing the bottom cap by pushing the nub to the rear. Once the battery is replaced the plate can be replaced and the nub pushed forward to lock it into place.

Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 60 × 40 × 10 cm


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