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For the fun of it

For the fun of it

For the fun of it

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The Original – Timed Device


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This device is hand assembled in the UK and is subject to rigorous QC checks before it leaves the workshop. the body of the device is constructed from impact resistant ABS – Making it both tough and lightweight, whilst also keeping the cost of manufacturing low (this is a benefit to the end user as these savings can be passed on).  The blast cap and the receiver (and the fixed fly off lever) of the grenade are construction from stainless steel and feature a deep screw thread to ensure that the device will stand up to multiple uses without compromising its structure or function. The pin that is supplied with the grenade is also steel and its spit deign makes it very easy to insert into the mechanism of the device.

Cartridges that can be used:

Devices pre Jan 2020:
+ .209 Shotgun Primers
+ Rimmed 0.38/9mm Blank
+ 12G Shotgun Blank (Law Enforcement and Military use Only)

Devices Jan 2020 onwards:
+ .209 Shotgun Primer

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