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Tokyo Marui VSR-10 Pro Sniper Rifle (Tan)


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The Tokyo Marui VSR-10 is considered the cornerstone bolt action airsoft sniper rifle and has held the title of BEST sniper for years and years. To this day, manufacturers and upgrade parts makers still hold this legendary rifle and system in the highest of regard.


The VSR-10’s best features are its silky smooth action, exceptionally large cylinder, and tight fitment. All of these are contributing factors to the rifle’s success as a precision shooting machine. The large cylinder can hold a larger volume of air, meaning it can consistently deliver a larger puff of air that delivers the BB downrange with fewer variables. This is particularly important when using the VSR-10 with heavier BBs and upgrading it with a heavier spring, all of which can contribute to higher FPS. The smoothness of the action means you will cause less movement when scoped in and the tight tolerances mean there will be less wasted air when the trigger is pulled. For this Pro Sniper version, you will need to purchase a separate rail mount to mount optics.


Internally, the rifle runs on THE VSR-10 system, making it the single most diverse sniper platform available on the airsoft market. Much like so many other Tokyo Marui products the VSR-10 enjoys an extremely wide variety of upgrade parts that can essentially modify every single part of the gun to suit any airsoft sniper.

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