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For the fun of it

For the fun of it

For the fun of it

Z-Parts ERAZ Gas Grenade (100 Rounds – Purple)


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SKU 614504
CATEGORY Grenade/Projectile
ERAZ is a kinetically triggered airsoft grenade. It’s payload consists of 100 bbs that it sprays in a 360 degree pattern. The ERAZ has a lightweight compact frame that is the perfect size for 40mm grenade pouches. The Z-Parts Eraz is the perfect grenade for field and close quarters use because of it’s easy to use design. Assert your airsoft dominance by hurling a few of these bad boys at the feet of your enemies, or use the wall they thought was cover to their detriment. This impact grenade is a fantastic room clearing device that will put your enemies on their knees begging for mercy. Give your ears pleasure as the enemy team proclaim HIT and limp back to spawn in utter defeat.

Green Gas Operated

Weight .350 kg
Dimensions 11 × 7 × 7 cm


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